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Télécommunication et sécurité

RF Operations

– RF planning and optimization

cellular network design

RF Optimization

RF planning and optimization training

New site design (nominal design, site survey, site integration)

Site acquisition

Network modification (expansion plan: new sites and/or active site upgrades, site integration)

Frequency planning: preparation and implementation

  – Network monitoring

Network performance monitoring

Audit of network parameters

Benchmarking (drive test)

– Site installation

Construction of sites (erection of towers)

Installation and commissioning of telecom sites

– Project management

telecommuniccation (Custom)

telecommuniccation (Personnalisé)

Company network

We carry out the networks of companies:

– Cabling

– Routing

– Switching

Depending on your needs, we can deploy a private IP telephony network on your company network.

Security and monitoring

We carry out the installation and maintenance of security systems. It is about :

– video surveillance,

– fire detector.

– access control

If you have a company network, the events can be transmitted on a server and accessible off-site



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